Throwback Tuesday’s – Diving in Egypt

It’s already more than a year ago now, but looking at the photographs and video it still feels like last week.

I’ve been diving in the Red Sea once before in 2008 a, so that was a long time ago. Being one of the best places for diving in the world, I decided to go for it again. This time we chose the M/Y Sea Serpent for the Liveaboard and take the Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone route. Promises of large schools of fish, turtles, pristine reefs and SHARKS! Before this trip, I had only seen a small nurse shark, asleep… And diving with sharks was my number 1 dream, which finally came true!

So I won’t be boring you with a long story this time – I’ll let the photographs do the talking!

The M/Y Sea Serpent


During the check dives, we didn’t go out all the way to the goal – diving the Brothers, Daedalus or Elphinstone, but instead did some nice Red Sea dives near Hurghada. There was an abundance of fish, even though it was relatively close to the shore. Good to see!


Then came the time for us to move on to the real deal – and the chance for encountering sharks increased! Sherif, the guide, the purest form of shark lover, gave us all an extensive briefing on how to behave when we would encounter sharks. Not because they’re dangerous but because they get scared off easily, the last thing we would want happening.

And there she was – my first proper shark in sight! The Oceanic Whitetip, or Carcharhinus Longimanus because of it’s long pectoral fins seen as its hands
She came so close with her cute pilot fish – it was incredible. We maybe had 10 minutes with her around. I didn’t want that moment to end.

In the end we saw three different Oceanic Whitetips, a Thresher shark and Scalloped Hammerhead. These were too shy to come close enough for good photo, so that’s something we still owe you.

Moving on to Daedalus, we hoped for the Hammerheads to appear in large numbers on the North side of the reef. We were less lucky than the group a week before who saw 20 – we encountered zero. That’s just how nature works.

The beautiful sunrise at Daedalus – even better with us being the only boat which is quite unique

After several dives on the North side, hoping to encounter the hammerheads, the group decided to also dive under the boat. A great surprise was to find three Silky sharks swimming right under us!

After the dives at Daedalus there was some time before sunset to go and have a look at and in the lighthouse.

The sunset as seen from the lighthouse is amazing. You can also see where the reef ends and the sea takes over.

Then for the final part we moved on to Elphinstone – with promises of gigantic coral fans and steep walls into the depth. And again, a high likelihood for sharks!

Coming back to the boat, an investigative and kind Oceanic Whitetip was swimming around. She was coming up close, checking me out. It’s such an incredible and wonderful shark – I could really feel her curiosity, checking me out, up close. It was lovely being less than half a meter apart from such a beautiful creature. I could feel her looking at me and I only felt love for her, not being scared for a millisecond, even when she almost touched my GoPro (see the video below for footage!)

Unfortunately, we only had one dive at this fantastic dive site due to the rough seas. So we moved on. The good thing was that at the new site, we could do a night dive – one of my other favourite things!

After another couple of dives on the following day, we had to return to the port of Hurghada. We faced quite rough seas and almost everybody on board got seasick. Good thing the crew had the strong anti-motion-sickness pills! 🙂

Arriving back in the port of Hurghada, there was nothing left to do besides cleaning the diving gear and drinking a final beer in the evening – going through all the fantastic photo’s and video’s everyone had made by that point. The video we made can be seen on YouTube:

We would like to thank the Sea Serpent crew and especially Sherif our guide and shark whisperer for the wonderful trip and we’ll come back for sure!